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   Pacific's Design Services range in scope and size based on our clients needs and wishes. With the implementation of computer aided drafting and design, our services include Concept Design Site Plan Development and Design Build Projects. Whether the project requires 3/8" Italian Marble Mosaic Tile or Pre-Cast concrete coping or decking, our careful attention to detail is tantamount to our design and construction success.

   Pacific's Engineering and Consulting Services incorporates all aspects of conceptual and aesthetic Design to provide Mechanical, Electrical and/or Structural Engineering. Furthermore, our Design/Build Engineering traces the project from its conception to its completion. Our Consulting Services include Soils testing, Value Engineering, Structural Design, etc.

   Our Specification Services are not wholly limited to a simple list of materials required for the project to be carried out. They are a coupling of a general understanding of all teams involved in construction and a system of presenting & itemizing construction components. Furthermore, our Specification Services are a melange of our clients' expectations and their budgets. The Construction materials and methods provided by Pacific's Specification Services stress Proper Installation procedures and Code Compliance.

   Pacific's Contracting Services are the concluding step in achieving the final, physical product; incorporating design, engineering, & specifications. Following the bidding process, project scheduling and mobilization of the construction team occurs. On site, the team lays out the project, shoots elevations, then begins excavation. With excavation competed and trenches dug, plumbing and electrical are run from the water feature to the equipment pad or vault to provide the feature with water and power. Next an intricate grid of steel rebar is tied per the Engineering Specifications. Once, the steel is completed and signed off by an inspector, Gunite is shot to form the structure of the feature. Shortly thereafter, Aesthetic Design begins their work again with the installation of Tile, Plaster, Coping, and Decking. And finally, the Equipment is set and Start-up of the system and the feature is initiated.